Wondering weather a Copenhagen pass saves you money or not? Is it worth buying a Copenhagen pass? Where to buy Copenhagen pass? What all is included in Copenhagen Pass? All questions answered here.

What is a Copenhagen City pass?

City cards or passes are a great way to save some $$$ and are usually sold by the tourism board of any city or country giving access to the major tourist attractions either free or at a discount. Most of the cards also include public transportation.

After considering the cards available for the cities you plan to travel, it is always advisable to weigh the pros and cons and calculating if they are worth the money. It is so easy to buy and then regret if it does not include the attractions you really want to visit or discover that the discounts are so less that they don’t really profit you unless and until you are running a marathon to ten attractions a day.

The reasons why it is highly recommend that you pick up a Copenhagen City Card are many. The pass might seem a little bit expensive, but as a whole Copenhagen is pretty damn expensive! Firstly, it does save you some money when you are planning to explore the major attractions included in it. Secondly, the options are to buy it for 1 – 4 days depending on your visit and Thirdly, it does include tons of attractions and public transportation benefits in the city. It includes public transportation not only within the city even from and to the airport but also the transportation to some day trips from the city.

Where to buy the Copenhagen city pass?

You can buy the Copenhagen City Card online in advance or buy it there at any attraction like we did from Rosenborg Castle. A few links offering the Copenhagen pass are, you can pick whichever gives you a better deal:

  1. Stromma Group
  2. Get a guide
  3. https://copenhagencard.com/

When does the card start working?

Once you have the card and are want to use it, you just need to fill out the start time which can be right at the first attraction. After that, you are good to use the card for sightseeing or transportation until the end of the validity period. I used the card for transportation, Amalienborg Castle, Rosenborg Castle, and admissions to the museum and historic attractions.

Major Attractions covered in the Card:

With this card there are as many as 84 attractions that you can use it at along with public transportation. There are also discounted rates for various sightseeing tours with your card. And furthermore, even some partnering restaurants and cafe’s offer discounts upto 10-20% for card owners. Few journeys to Finland are also covered in it at a discounted rate. So weigh your options and decide.

Some of the most popular attractions covered are:

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Canal Tours
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • Amalienborg Slot
  • Christiansborg Slot and the stables and other places in it
  • Hand Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tale House at Nyhavn
  • City Hall Tower
  • Copenhagen Zoo
  • Viking Ship Museum, etc.

Along with the pass you are also provided with a guide a book about the attractions and the discounts available at various restaurants, bars, cafes and tours.

To know what other attractions are free or offer discount with the pass visit here.

Copenhagen Card for Transportation:

The Copenhagen Card offers free public transport within the region. That means the travel from buses, trains, harbour buses, metors, ferries can all be free. Even taking a train from the Copenhagen airport is an option. Hence, advisable to take the card before hand if you plan to cover more the same day.

To use the card is really easy. All you need to do is show your validated card and you are good to ride the buses, trains, ferries and metros within the city and otherwise those included. 

For the details on transportation included visit here.

Discounts and other benefits at eating joints and guided tours:

Apart from the above, the pass also provides discounts on various guided tours and eating joints around Copenhagen.

To check out on which tours and eateries discounts are offered check here.

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